This is a simplified explanation of what Autism is.

Autism is extremely broad, and in my opinion, most fascinating! Everyone you come across with Autism is different from the other. So you can imagine what a feat it is to "sum it up" into an infographic. But nonetheless, awareness needs to go out and there are common traits that brand these lovely individuals.

So here it is, what Autism is and our part to play to make a difference in their lives.

There is still so much to learn about Autism but I hope that this gives us a foundation to start with.

We are bringing our students with Autism and special needs into the community and we cannot wait for more of the community to get to meet and know them. They are amazing people!

Are there any other ideas and suggestions from parents, teachers, and individuals with Autism to help support them as they enter the community? Let us know.

Let's learn together,