Our Vision


Equipping individuals with diverse abilities for independent, functional living within the community


Engaging the community to bring awareness and opportunities for inclusion


Empowering individuals towards self-advocacy and purposeful living

Our Program

At LemmeLearn, we strive for inclusion. Our vocational training program is specially designed to include people with special needs into the community and provide them with the required skills for employment and functional living.

LemmeLearn's program is constructed using research-based methodologies that is personalized to the individual.

We provide a holistic approach, with independent, functional living as our end goal.

We work with individuals ages 18 and above, conducting a combination of pretraining (class-based) and on-site training (hands-on) classes to increase student experience.

Greater skills exposure and employment building opportunities are achieved by partnering with different types of companies that act as a training platform, thus increasing special needs awareness.

Our Process

Our Team

  • Eileen Soon

    MA Special Ed (US), BS Special Ed (US)
    Founder, Inclusion Specialist, Special Educator

    Eileen has always been passionate about Special Education. Interviewed by Huffington Post as a voice for Special Education, she brings her passion back to Penang, Malaysia. Studying her Masters under longtime Special Ed inclusion researcher, Dr. Pam Hunt, and Integrated Play Group (IPG) creator Dr. Pamela Wolfberg, Eileen’s vision moved from “What’s the best way to teach?” to “What’s the best way to teach so that they will be part of the community?”

    In 2015, she spent her summer volunteering at Social Thinking’s Summer Day Camp at their headquarters at Stevens Creek, CA and spent her weekends volunteering at DIR Floortime playgroups.

    Prior to starting LemmeLearn in Penang, Eileen worked as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at St Christopher’s International Primary School and later at Prospect Rainbow Center for Children with Special Needs. Eileen enjoys hiking, nerding out discussing new ideas and drinking LemmeDrink Kombucha!

  • Alyson Thor

    BSc.(Hons) Psychology (UK), MBPsS
    Co-Founder, Vocational Inclusion Specialist, Special Educator

    Alyson received her BSc. Psychology (Hons) from the UK and is a registered Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS). She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Counseling.

    She has always been fascinated by the relationship of how humans think with how they act. Especially after working with a non-verbal pre-schooler with exceptional talent in drawing 'Tom & Jerry' cartoons to express her emotion, Alyson developed a stronger desire to learn more about individuals with different minds.

    Being a true Penangite, she moved back from KL and worked at Prospect Rainbow, Center for Children with Special Needs. She then joined The Thinking SUN Homeschool Center where she witnessed great improvements resulting from effective inclusion.

    Now, she acts as the 'relationship guru' for the LL team! We all know that behind every great woman is a great husband. Hers is Leon, her positive energy charger!

  • Indra Sellappan

    MSc Rehabilitation Psychology (UK), BSc (Hons) Psychology (UK)
    Psychologist, Vocational Inclusion Specialist

    Indra obtained her Masters in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Nottingham and her Bachelors (Hons) from the same university. Prior to joining LemmeLearn as an in-house psychologist, Indra was an Applied Behavioural Analyst trainer at an American Institute specializing in autism.

    Upon working with LemmeLearn her passion for inclusion and making a difference in the community has only solidified further. She looks forward to bringing more hope and change for the community in the coming years.

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